Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.

Yet again the diversity of applications is quite enormous and limited only by our own imagination.

Some of the more obvious applications could immediately be seen in the following profiles:

  • Using Drone footage to Market leading venues and regions, the videography concept offering a perfect overview of not only the immediate facilities and standards of a resort or complex, but proximity to local attractions, beaches, site seeing venues etc. No longer will tourist have that sense of uncertainty as to the level and standard of accommodation and local attractions, a professional videography profile by drone will provide intimate detail of every aspect of a resort, its preferred clientele or target market, local sports and activities schedules etc.
  • Local tourism authority would be able to showcase in full high definition quality, the region it represents, special events coming up with the area and places to stay. Even restaurants, café’s, night clubs and entertainment venues would be able to avail of the service and highlight their specific products and services.
  • Coastal resorts would be able to prevail of drones in monitoring of incoming and outgoing tides, highlighting “rip tides” prior to beaches being opened to the public and of course, presence of any large ocean predators. At present, the Western Cape region makes use of “Spotters” to identify the incoming presence of Great White Sharks along various beaches, this of course relies on a number of human factors, such as attention to detail, prompt identification, and correct warning procedures being adopted. Research is being developed where by aerial drone footage can be analysed and colour filtered out to provide a depth vision below the ocean surface. By so doing, sharks swimming in deeper waters can be identified and information relayed to Beach Lifeguards and local beach authority.

The bulk of tourism is now internet based and very few travellers would ignore the benefits of detailed research via the web into their vacation destination. Global statistics also reflect a notable change in the “reason for travel” whilst it was formerly for the soul purpose of relaxation – todays traveller is vastly more informed and seeking an education component to holidays. More families are travelling over the last thirty years and activities suitable for the whole family are a pre requisite. Drone application productions is the obvious answer and footage provides detailed coverage of the entire region (even to the level of including local doctors, dentists, shopping centres etc.).

In the Holiday Home Rental market, agents are now able to provide a far more detailed profile of products that are available to clients. Detailed internal and external videography leaves no “grey” areas in terms of the standard and level of products on offer and market research indicates accommodation viewed on Drone based footage, sells out up to 400% faster than conventional Agency marketing approaches.

The application of drones in aerial photography of Hotels and Resorts offers a whole new opportunity in marketing – no longer are potential guests vague on resort proximity to beaches, attractions, now drone marketing provides a perfect viewing platform to assess the suitability of a product. From a Resort or Hotel perspective, the Drone footage is a dynamic and highly cost effective marketing tool and can be broadcast globally in the blink of an eye.

The growth of internet based tourism globally has increased notably over the last 10 years and the trend now is to offer internet based footage of products, not only showing their location, but location in terms of local attractions, restaurants, facilities etc. This is a fast and action packed way of presenting products within the tourism and rental property fields.