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Drone Inspired is a new South African Company that has developed a new Real Estate Marketing Platform that takes property sales to new levels of technical excellence.

One of only 8 licenced Drone Flight Operations in the country, the concept has been designed to maximise exposure to properties in the Sale, Rental and Holiday Rental Markets and covers both residential and commercial property initiatives.

Where historically, marketing of property was limited to hand held video and still photography, Drone Inspired will provide clients detailed aerial representations that include core detail such as:

Immediate property surrounds (parks, commercial lots, informal settlements etc)

Local attractions and visual distance assessment (i.e. if a property is marketed as “close to the beach” the drone videography will reflect this through a flight presentation from the house to the nearest beach (and detailing features of the beach and surrounds). This concept can be expanded to include local restaurants, doctors, hospitals, schools and places of interest – thus allowing potential purchasers a clinical analysis of not only the property, but its surrounding areas.

The flight footage would also be able to provide visual analysis of the grounds, roof structure, perimeter walling, garden topography etc.

This concept is, in essence, a virtual tour of the property, internally and externally and encompassing all key components of a “viewing” from the luxury of one’s home base.

The Concept:

Drone Inspired will effect aerial and internal remote filming utilising the very latest videography and photographic technologies and gyroscopically stabilised Drone standard and thermal imaging cameras.

Flight time is entirely dependent on prevailing weather conditions however a fixed Fee encompasses all eventualities. Once the comprehensive footage is downloaded to our central data base, it then rendered and stitched into a detailed Video Presentation with voice over/music according to the client’s needs. This video can be in extremely high resolution (4k) or alternatively in lower res and simplified download application by clients.

The editing process is also entirely dependent on the complexity of the property and is managed by our team of IT/Web specialists, film editors and support personnel using leading edge software systems.

Once the full video is complete, it is loaded onto our dedicated server and accessed via a personal pass code to clients availing of the service. In addition to this, clients receive a memory stick of the finished production.

How It Works:

The Realtor or Private Homeowner wishing to effectively market property to the highest technical level would request a Drone Flight videography. The current production cost, inclusive of flying hours, editing and final production is R5 700.00 for an average house however escalates according to the size and presentation requirements.

Filming Waiver:

As discussed, Drone Inspired is one of only a handful of “Licenced” and “Accredited” flight operations in South Africa and we believe our operating protocols are exemplary in protecting the interests of clients.

Prior to flight operations, it is requested that the Realtor obtain flight permission from neighbouring properties and to advise them, as a courtesy, of the short flight programme, timing etc. We provide the requisite waiver on our web site though forward this on Realtor booking flight services and the onus is on the Realtor to procure such permission.

Marketing Edge:

The use of aerial videography is an enormously comprehensive and technical flight process and Drone Inspired is one of the few professional organisations able to meet stringent flight legislative requirements, public indemnity cover and levels of service excellence.

The marketing edge videography provides Realtors is absolutely breath taking and is the new era of property marketing that has already swept through parts of Europe and the USA in particular (Agents have noted a large decrease in viewing related costs and 400% increase in both “site hits” and expediting of sales).

Listings can also be linked to non- Realtor Branded domain sites (i.e. where Realtors use organisations such as Property – icons showing our Drone would lead potential client viewings to the Realtor and thereafter the access codes).

The professionalism and comprehensive nature of Aerial Videography will pay for itself in delimiting site viewings to a minimum as only those clients having viewed the Production would hone in on Agent viewing requests. Equally, the Production cost is a very small percentage of the Marketing cost of property.

Client Excellence:

One of the nice features of the Production is that the Seller can retain a copy of their beloved home in the form of a video production. To the new property owner, it provides a technical “condition” of the property as at date of acquisition.

For more information please contact us and we will provide you with example production footage and a detailed profile of our organisation.